MISERY - From Where The Sun Never Shines 2 x LP (Ultraclear / Silver Splatter)

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2 x LP | "From Where The Sun Never Shines"


COLOUR: Ultraclear / Silver Splatter

MISERY don't really need an introduction do they ? Along with NAUSEA and APOCALYPSE they spearheaded the american Crust, Punk scene since the Late Eighties and here they are to unleash fourteen tracks of frantic bulldozer Crust, Punk including two covers from the AMEBIX and NEW MODEL ARMY. MISERY having been prophesizing the end times while blasting our ears for the last twenty-five years now, two and a half decades and only three full-lengths. For many bands, after such a huge gap between releases (it´s been nine years since their somewhat lacklustre splits with TOXIC NARCOTIC and PATH OF DESTRUCTION, sixteen years since the now-legendary "Who’s The Fool… The Fool Is Silence" LP), the original spark isn´t there anymore, or the band merely splits up. Thankfully neither of these are the case with MISERY, in fact, it is safe to say that this is the best thing the band has recorded in their entire history, and this seems to be the start of a whole new exciting chapter for the band. All song material got mastered and re-mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering, USA.

INIMICAL RECORDS from the USA did the original pressing of this album in the year 2012.

Limited edition on Ultraclear / Silver Splatter vinyl (200 copies got pressed), housed in a nice gatefold (artwork done by Andy Lefton), this repress includes a DIN A1 poster with additional artwork by Brian D´Agosta aka. GOST ART as well as a reworked lyric sheet with photos by Christine Boards Larson (Slug & Lettuce) and Alicia Morgan. As special bonus this limited edition includes an extra insert with artwork by Alex CF (FALL OF EFRAFA, MORROW, ...).