MISERY - Who´s The Fool ... LP (Red)

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LP | "Who´s The Fool ..."



In the year 1994 the legendary Punk, Crust band MISERY from Minneapolis, MN, USA unleashed their second full-length upon mankind, twenty-six years later this master-piece of Crustcore history got an overdue re-issue. In 2020 all fourteen songs got remastered by Jack Butcher at Enormous Door to receive the best possible result and finally you´re able to listen to classic Crust tunes like "Who´s The Fool ...", "Fear To Change", "Class Warfare", " "Bomb Blast", ... in a bombastic and very brutal sound. "Who´s The Fool ..." should be an essential part of every Punk, Crust collection, owning this album is a MUST !!!

Originally released in the year 1994 on the US label PROFANE EXISTENCE and SKULD RELEASES from Germany.

Re-Issue on Red vinyl, the LP is housed in a nice LP pocket cover and comes with insert and sticker.