NEGAZIONE - Little Dreamer LP

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LP | "Little Dreamer"



"Little Dreamer" has been the record that made it big for NEGAZIONE, at this time they were one of the most influental italian Hardcore bands and on this album they band made their definitive statement, literally a shock for the worldwide scene that were used to the frantic and angry Hardcore style of the band, but "Little Dreamer" offered some different kind of sound: not as fast and their early stuff, way more technical, metallic and also with some quiet, poetic songs ("Il Giorno Del Sole"). "Little Dreamer" might have been too much for for some the old fans of the band, but in the end they reached a wide bigger audience and it is still a crushing album without being without becoming big "sell-out".

"Little Dreamer" firstly saw the light of day in the year 1988, released on the german label WE BITE RECORDS.

Official re-issue on Black vinyl, housed in a coloured LP pocket cover (with the original artwork) and with printed inner-sleeves.