NEGAZIONE - Wild Bunch / The Early Days LP

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LP | "Wild Bunch / The Early Days"



In the Early, Mid Eighties italian Hardcore, Punk bands like WRETCHED, INDIGESTI, DECLINO, ... were "attacking" the international Punk scene with all their might and fury, all of them got a lot of attention and interest, but then there was a young band from Turin, Northern Italy called NEGAZIONE that invaded the rising Punk, Hardcore movement like a tornado: unbelieveable fast tracks, crazy and pissed of vocals became the trademark of early NEGAZIONE.

"Wild Bunch / The Early Days" is a compilation of older and rare releases like:
# "Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere" 7" EP (5 / 1985)
# "Tutti Pazzi" 7" EP (2 / 1985)
# the split tape "Mucchio Selvaggio" with DECLINO (7 / 1984)

WE BITE RECORDS from Germany did the initial version in the year 1989.

Official re-issue on Black vinyl, housed in a coloured LP pocket cover (with the original artwork) and with printed inner-sleeves.