NIGHTMARE - Thirsty And Wander LP (Green)

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LP | "Thirsty And Wander"



Along with GAUZE and WARHEAD, NIGHTMARE is one of the few classic japanese bands that never broke up and it's still going strong after all these years.  "Thirsty And Wander" is the latest album by japanese Hardcore band NIGHTMARE, the same guys who made the excellent "Give Notice Of Nightmare" back in 1990. The Osaka Punk veterans deliver another noise Hardcore Thrash attack they are famous for, you get ten classic NIGHTMARE tracks, short, fast, full power and no rock influence. They still do what they believe in without compromising themselves to trends, and even if the world changed a lot since they started sadly their anger and criticism of the state of society is more relevant than ever.

The CD version already was released in january 2019 on the japanese label BLOODSUCKER RECORDS.

Limited edition of 220 copies on Green vinyl housed in a heavy Inside Out cover, the LP comes with fold-out lyric sheet and nice OBI strip.