NYCTOPHOBIC - War Criminal Views LP (Dark Grey Marbled)

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LP | "War Criminal Views"


COLOUR: Dark Grey Marbled

NYCTOPHOBIC was a Death Grind, Grindcore band from Mannheim, Germany active from 1992 till early 2010, members from BLOOD, STACK, MY OWN LIES, NAKED WHIPPER, ... have been active in this band. Early material of the band had more Death Metal influences but within time more and more Fastcore, Hardcore elements were added. The album "War Criminal Views" is perfect for fans of DEAD INFECTION, EXHUMED, AGATHOCLES, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, ... , to say in in a few words: it´s perfect material for total Noise freaks.

The original version of "War Criminal Views", the first full album of the band, was released in the year 1996 on CD only on MORBID RECORDS from Germany.

Official vinyl re-issue limited to 500 copies pressed on various colours, this version here comes on Dark Grey Marbled vinyl, all versions come with huge two-sided A3 poster, lyric insert.