OI POLLOI / TOXIC EPHEX - Mad As Fuck Split LP (Green)

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(UK / UK)

LP | "Mad As Fuck Split"



Finally an essential split album with two legendary scottish Anarcho Punk, Punk got a proper re-release:

OI POLLOI might be the most active scottish Anarcho Punk act, active since 1981 and they are still alive, and this here was / is their third split release (after already having shared vinyl with A.O.A. and BETRAYED) on which they present seven tracks like "They Shoot Children Don´t They ?", "No Filthy Nuclear Power", Scum", ... of their well-known political Punk, Anarcho Hardcore.

TOXIC EPHEX were a Anarcho Punk band from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK formed in the year 1979 (under the name THE ABDUCTORS), they released this split LP here with OI POLLOI, a full album and three further EP´s, split EP´s. After some reunions / splits the band is active from time to time to play regular one off gigs. On this split TOXIC EPHEX plays five more melodic Punk, Anarcho Punk tracks, unique and very inspiring to other, later, scotish acts like EX-CATHEDRA, ... .

The first pressing was done in the year 1987 on GREEN VOMIT RECORDS from the UK.

Limited edition of 100 copies on Green vinyl, this LP comes with original artwork and extra lyric sheet.