OPEN TOMB / METH DRINKER - Split LP (Random Marbled)

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(New Zealand / New Zealand)

LP | "Split"


COLOUR: Random Marbled

It always has been hard to get Punk, Hardcore, Grind stuff from this far away country called New Zealand, although there´s an quite active Underground scene there. It´s really unbelievable that such a destructive and brutal Sludge, Doom monster is coming out of this unknown scene, fans of CORRUPTED, GRIEF, MOLOCH, NOOTHGRUSH, ... will love this split LP:

OPEN TOMB from Hamilton, New Zealand recorded their two tracks in the local Blasphemy Studios in october 2011.

METH DRINKER from Wellington, New Zealand were active from 2010 - 2016, some of you might know them from their full releases or their split releases with MOLOCH and LEECHFEAST, the three songs here were recorded december 11th, 2011 at the Scumbag College in their hometown Wellington.

ALWAYS NEVER FUN RECORDS from New Zealand did the first pressing of this Split LP in the year 2012.

232 hand numbered copies on Randomly Coloured Marbled vinyl out of a total pressing of 548 copies on multiple Colours, issued with a printed inner sleeve and a download code. This edition here is also known as "Loser version".