ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH - Re-Evolve 2 x LP (Multi-Coloured Marbled)

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2 x LP | "Re-Evolve"


COLOUR: Marbled vinyl (several different colours are in existence) 

ORPHANAGE NAMED EARTH are a 100 % D.I.Y. five piece Punk, Post Metal band from Poland. The band is influenced by the beautifully atmospheric yet unbearably crushing sounds of the Neo Crust sub-genre, comparisons with the soundscapes of FALL OF EFRAFA and MADAME GERMEN are not too wrong. All songs were recorded in august - september 2017 at Dobra 12 Studio, Bialystok, Poland (produced, mixed and mastered by Piotr Polak).

Limited edition of ??? copies housed in a nice gatefold cover (the post apocalyptic artwork is done by Andy Lefton from TAU CROSS, the vinyl is pressed on Marbled vinyl (the vinyl colours are slightly different: Purple, Violett, Brown, ..., LP One and LP Two are mostly of a different colour, a lot of variety for shure).