PARANOID - Cover Of The Month LP

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LP | "Cover Of The Month"



PARANOID is a swedish Hardcore, Raw Punk band from Fröson, Östersund that was formed in the year 2012. They play raw DISCLOSE inspired Noise blended with VENOM-styled Black Metal, if you´re looking for a brutal combination of past and present D-Beat, then look no further, whether you´re the old guy at the bar with the DISCHARGE tattoo or the fourteen year-old who you discovered Punk, PARANOID will bring you out your inner discontent. Friends of DISCLOSE, FRAMTID, WOLFPACK, early ANTI-CIMEX, DISARM, PARASIT, ... definitely will love this band. 

After the wildly successful debut full length album Satyagraha (2015) the Swedish D-Beat Punks embarked upon a twelve month project, with one new cover track appearing on the band´s YouTube channel each month. The results were also released as a limited tape edition, and now it is time to put this concoction of Old School True Metal and raw Hardcore, Crust on vinyl. 

“Cover Of The Month” 
Jan. [1] - Into The Crypts Of Rays (CELTIC FROST) 
Feb. [2] - Punk Is Love (PiISSCHRIST) 
March [3] - Don´t Really Care (THE EXPLOITED) 
April [4] - 2 Skott (STREBERS) 
May [5] - Bloodthirsty System (STATE OF FEAR) 
June [6] - Krossad Dröm (ACURSED) 
July [7] -Day Of Reckoning (PENTAGRAM) 
Aug. [8] - Skallra För Döden (TOTALITÄR) 
Sep. [9] - Natsit Ja Kommunisti (KAAOS) 
Oct. [10] - Arise (SEPULTURA) 
Nov. [11] - Too Old Too Cold (DARKTHRONE) 
Dec. [12] - Criminal Trap (ANTI-CIMEX)

This is a one-time pressing of 1000 copies on Black vinyl and it comes with a gigantic poster and a six page insert.