POISON IDEA - Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes LP

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LP | "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes"



What can be written about the "Kings Of Punk" POISON IDEA from Portland, Oregon, USA ??? Active since 1980 this US Hardcore, Punk band is well-known for tons of over-the-top releases, countless gigs and several tours all around the globe, so most of you might know the band, at least you have heard about them or you have seen the band name on a poster, flyer or in a magazine. The early POISON IDEA sound is fast, aggressive, punishing and is as important / influental as other great US Hardcore, Punk bands like DEAD KENNEDYS, REAGAN YOUTH, GANG GREEN SS DECONTROL, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, M.D.C., ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, ... . POISON IDEA is a must for Hardcore fans, no matter if you are young (and looking for great music) or old (and still living in the past).

In the year 1984 the original version of this 12" LP came out on the US label FATAL ERECTION RECORDS.

Fanclub ediition on Black vinyl, this LP comes with the original cover artwork and an extra lyric insert. Compared to the original pressing this unofficial release comes with four extra tracks.