POSSESSED - Revelations Of Oblivion 2 x LP (White)

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2 x LP | "Revelatons Of Oblivion"


COLOUR: White 

This is the ultimate comeback in the Death Metal scene in the year 2019: nearly thirty-two years after their last Mini-LP "The Eyes Of Horror" legendary band POSSESSED are back with a big bang. All POSSESSED fans desperately were waiting for a new sign of life and with "Revelations Of Oblivion" they won´t get dissappointed, twelve songs produced and recorded by Peter Tägtgren at NRG Studios and Titan Studios Los Angeles, USA deliver exactely what we all are waiting for: fast, well played but aggressive US Death Metal, Thrash Metal supported by the typical harsh vocals of their frontman Jeff Beccara. POSSESSED are back with new songs and this is one the most important things ever !!!

Limited edition of 500 copies on White vinyl housed in a nice looking gatefold sleeve.