SACRED REICH - Awakening LP (Clear Red / Brown Marbled)

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LP | "Awakening"


COLOUR: Clear Red / Brown Marbled

After twenty-three years the Phoenix, Arizona, USA based Thrash Metal, Speed Metal band SACRED REICH is back with a new album, after their last album "Heal" (1996) the fans had to wait this long till the new album finally sees the light of day. For the album "Awakening" the band recorded eight tracks like "Awakening", "Death Valley", "Killing Machine", ... in their typical Thrash Metal, Speed Metal style: of course they are not that fast and aggressive as in their early days, but the album still is very powerful, ass-kicking to the max and as always the song contents are well-thought and way more positive, political than the usual Thrash Metal lyrics. Overall "Awakening" is a real good Metal album but in my opinion the song material could be a little bit faster and a little bit more variety (like on their older material) would have been great. Die Hard SACRED REICH fans will buy this album for shure and even Metal fans that don´t know them should try out this release to form their own opinion.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Clear Red / Brown Marbled vinyl, the LP is housed in a nice pocket cover, it comes with lyric insert, mp3 download card and huge double-sided poster.