SACRED REICH - The American Way LP (Dark Purple Violet Marbled)

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LP | "The American Way"


COLOUR: Dark Purple Violet Marbled

"The American Way" is the second full length release of the US Thrash Metal, Speed Metal band SACRED REICH, although it´s a little bit different than their previous outputs "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua" it´s totally clear that this is another output of the band SACRED REICH: okay the tracks are way slower and not that full-speed ahead like their older material, but the unmistakeable voice of their frontman Phil Rind and their well-thought and highly political lyrics are some kind of trademark of the band. Yes it´s not a blasting high speed and neckbreaking Thrash Metal beast but if you´re open-minded and interested then "The American Way" might interest you, give it a try and don´t be lame !

First edition of this album was done in the year 1990 on METAL BLADE RECORDS from The United States.

Official re-release strictly limited to 300 numbered copies on Dark Purple Violet Marbled vinyl, a lyric / photo insert and a download card are included too.