SEDITION - Discography Circa 1989 / 1992 Double LP

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2 x LP | "Discography Circa 1989 / 1992"



SEDITION were a Punk, Anarcho Punk, Hardcore band from Scotland, UK active from 1988 to 1993. 
At long last finally available on vinyl, the full discography of this classic furious, raging and angry Hardcore, Punk act, all songs got remastered by Daniel Husayn.

The songs of this releases are included:
# the first demo as "Chaotic Subversion" (1989)
# "Dealing With Clichés" EP (1989)
# split EP with DISAFFECT (1992)
# split LP with PINK TURDS IN SPACE (1990) 
# "Earth Beat" LP 1992

The original CD version of this discography was released under the name "End In The Beginning Beginning In The End" in the year 2003 by the UK label FLAT EARTH.

This discography double LP on Black vinyl comes in a 12" kraft card pocket containing a 7" booklet of lyrics and artwork.