SENTIDO COMÚN - 1983 - 1985 LP

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LP | "1983 - 1985"



SENTIDO COMÚN is a more or less obscure female fronted Post Punk, Anarcho Punk band from Barcelona, Spain active from 1983 - 1985 (it seems that they are back again since 2003) taken their influences from bands like THE CLASH, KILLING JOKE, JOY DIVISION, THE DAMNED, WIRE, ... . Due to the fact that they never released a real album (only a demo tape 1984, mainly distributed locally, and a live tape 1985), they are very unknown to the international public. 
On this compilation album you can listen to sixteen songs all recorded in Barcelona, some studio songs from 7 / 1984 plus live records from 02 / 04 / 1984 and 15 / 03 / 1985.

This album is pressed on Black vinyl (limited to 400 copies), housed in a B/W LP pocket cover plus additional eight paged Din A4 booklet (saddly written in spanish language).