SIEGE OF POWER - This Is Tomorrow LP (Clear / Blood Red Splatter)

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(USA, The Netherlands)

LP | "This Is Tomorrow"


COLOUR: Clear / Blood Red Splatter

Already some years ago Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY), Paul Baayens (ASPHYX), Bob Bagchus (ex ASPHYX) und Theo van Eekelen (ex HAIL OF BULLETS) joined forces to create a Death Metal super group called SIEGE OF POWER. After their "The Cold Room" 7" EP and "The Warning Blast" LP (both 2018), they are back with their second full length called "This Is Tomorrow": eleven brutal Old School Death Metal tracks recorded in the Tom Meier Studio, The Netherlands. You wanted some crushing Death Metal ? So here you have some brutal noise to fuck up your ears !

This version here comes on Clear / Blood Red Splatter vinyl and is limited to 300 numbered copies, the LP is housed in a full-coloured LP pocket cover and comes with insert and download card.