SIEGE OF POWER - Warning Blast LP (Cool Grey Marbled)

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(USA, The Netherlands)

LP | "Warning Blast"


COLOUR: Cool Grey Marbled

SIEGE OF POWER is an Allstar Death Metal band featuring Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY), Paul Baayens (ASPHYX), Theo Van Eekelen (ex-HAIL OF BULLETS) and Bob Bagchus (ex-ASPHYX, SOULBURN which was started in 2013 as some kind of musical project but soon it became more serious than expected. SIEGE OF POWER deliver a toxic and lethal mixture of Old School Death Metal, Doom and Punk, yes of course you can hear that the band members played in Death Metal legend like AUTOPSY and ASPHYX, but you can find a lot of influences from CARNIVORE, DISCHARGE or AMEBIX in the sound too. "Warning Blast" is an Old School Death Metal album for shure but believe me it´s way more than that, this release is a total surprise, powerful and crushing as fuck !!!

Great album on Cool Grey Marbled vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies worldwide, this LP comes with download card, extra lyric insert and poster.