SLAUGHTER - Not Dead Yet LP (Transparent Blood-Red)

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LP | "Not Dead Yet"


COLOUR: Transparent Blood-Red

In the year 1991 the canadian Death Metal, Thrash Metal legends SLAUGHTER / STRAPPADO went into the Studio 92 in Toronto, Canada to record eight songs, the tracks called "Not Yet Dead", Threshold Of Pain", "Flake", The Dark", "Telepathic Screams", ... follow SLAUGHTER´s tradition of playing Old School Death Metal, Thrash Metal but more on the Thrash Metal side. This album is essential for SLAUGHTER fans, a real MUST HAVE !!!

"Not Yet Dead" in it´s original cassette version came out in the year 1991, it was self-released under the name STRAPPADO not SLAUGHTER.

Limited edition of 200 copies on Transparent Blood-Red vinyl, the LP is housed in a standard pocket cover and comes with two inserts. All songs got remastered for this vinyl re-release.

Saddly the covers got damaged during production but you´ll get an extra undamaged cover too, so the weight is a little bit higher than usual !!!