SLAUGHTER - Surrender Or Die LP (Transparent Blood-Red)

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LP | "Surrender Or Die"


COLOUR: Transparent Blood-Red

SLAUGHTER were a pioneering canadian Death Metal, Thrash Metal band, widely considered as one of the earliest Proto-Death Metal acts and highly influential in the nascent Death Metal Underground. SLAUGHTER was formed in 1984 and released two demo tapes that year, followed by another demo and a live tape in 1985. Their first "official" release was the "Nocturnal Hell" 7" in 1986, followed up by their classic album "Strappado" in 1987. "Surrender Or Die" is their first demo tape presenting thirteen songs (including a cover song from HELLHAMMER), raw Old School Death Metal, Thrash Metal in it´s purest form, some songs were re-recorded later to appear on the legendary "Strappado" album.

"Surrender Or Die" in it´s original cassette version came out in the year 1985 on the canadian label DIABOLIC FORCE.

Limited edition of 200 copies on Transparent Blood-Red vinyl, the LP is housed in a standard pocket cover and comes with two inserts. All songs got remastered for this vinyl re-release.