SLAYER - Haunting The Chapel LP (Red / Black Splatter)

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LP | "Haunting The Chapel"


COLOUR: Red / Black Splatter

In between their classic albums "Show No Mercy" (1983) and "Hell Awaits" (1985) legendary US Thrash Metal act SLAYER released a (Mini-) LP named "Haunting The Chapel". Three new (at that time unreleased) songs were included on this nice piece of vinyl: "Chemical Warfare", "Captor Of Sin" and "Haunting The Chapel". Each of them is amongst the best stuff the band ever recorded and makes this 12" LP to an essential part of every Extreme Metal collection.

Originally "Haunting The Chapel" was released in the year 1984 on METAL BLADE RECORDS, USA.

Official re-release and limited to 1000 copies on Red / Black Splatter vinyl, the LP comes with original artwork and with large poster.