SLAYER - Show No Mercy LP (Red / White Splatter)

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LP | "Show No Mercy"


COLOUR: Red / White Splatter

The debut LP "Show No Mercy" of the US Thrash Metal, Speed Metal legend SLAYER was released december 3rd, 1983. The album was self-financed by the savings of Tom Araya, who was employed as a respiratory therapist and money borrowed from Kerry King´s father. On recording the drums, Brian Slagel, the boss of METAL BLADE, wanted drummer Dave Lombardo to play without using cymbals due to the amount of noise they made, as he was unsure if he could siphon the noise out, which he eventually did. Although the album was criticised for its poor production quality, it became METAL BLADE´s  highest-selling release and one of the best-selling independent records of all time. 5000 copies was the label´s average. "Show No Mercy" went on to sell between 15500 and 20000 copies in the United States, it also went on to sell more than 15000 overseas, as METAL BLADE had worldwide rights.  "Show No Mercy" was met with polarized opinions when it was issued, but in some recent reviews it came to be considered a classic album.

Originally "Show No Mercy" was released in the year 1983 on METAL BLADE RECORDS, USA.

Official re-release and limited to 1000 copies on Red / White Splatter vinyl, the LP comes with original artwork, extra lyric / photo insert and with large poster.