SOURVEIN - Aquatic Occult LP (Green / Blue Marbled)

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LP | "Decapitated"


COLOUR: Green / Blue Marbled

SOURVEIN is a Sludge, Doom Metal band that formed in Cape Fear, North Carolina, USA during the year 1993 and since then they have been very active, released several full-length albums, 7" EP´s and split EP´s and worked together with scene heavyweights like BUZZ-OVEN, COFFINS, CHURCH OF MISERY, ... . After this short introduction what should you expect ??? Yes you will get downtuned, super heavy, doomy, gloomy and mayhemic Doom, Sludge that will shatter this weak, weak earth, even other Sludge acts like EYEHATEGOOD, BONGZILLA, GRIEF, CORRUPTED, ... are afraid of SOURVEIN the "Kings Of Sludge Metal".

Aside from the normal band members, "Aquatic Occult" features guest appearances from band members of LAMB OF GOD, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, AMEBIX, WEEDEATER, IRON MONKEY, ... to deliver you an even more brutal and outstanding final product.

Super limited edition of 500 copies on Clear Blue vinyl worldwide, the LP comes with extra lyric sheet and poster.