SUBVERSE / SZRAMA - Distort Berlin Vol. 2 Split LP (Black)

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(Germany / Germany)

LP | "Distort Berlin Vol. 2"



The Berlin Hardcore, Noise mob strikes again and putting Berlin back on the map. This is a follow up to the EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT / GAU "Distort Berlin Vol. 1" split LP. Both bands play insane raw female fronted Raw Hardcore, Punk with a strong political attitude and a lot of anger:

SUBVERSE features members of GLORIOUS and KAMI ADA, the eight songs on their split side were recorded june 2018 at the Eastside Studio, Berlin. Expect nothing more than fast Latin Hardcore, Punk, a little bit in the vein of LOS CRUDOS.

SZRAMA features EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT members, they also contribute eight songs which were recorded at the Eastside Studio, Berlin. The sound of SZRAMA takes influences from skandinavian Hardcore, D-Takt, raw, fast and aggressive, no need to demand more !

Limited edition of 200 copies on Black vinyl (this is the standard version), the LP comes in a nice pocket cover and with printed lyric sheet.