TERRORAZOR - Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust LP

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LP | "Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust"



TERRORAZOR is an old School Grindcore band from Mainz, Germany, this band consists of Avenger (NOCTURNAL, EXORCISM, FRONT BEAST, THE FOG ...) on guitar / bass, Cryptkeeper (WITCHBURNER) on vocals and Skullsplitter (NOCTURNAL) on drums. TERRORAZOR released dozens of demos, splits and with "Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust" the band presents their debut full length: nineteen songs of ripping Old School Grindcore with some Death Metal and Thrash Metal influences. The album was mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) and artwork was handled by Putrid (AUTOPSY, CIANIDE, COFFINS, GRAVEYARD, HOODED MENACE, IMPETIGO, ...). This slab of vinyl is a total must for fans of REPULSION, TERRORIZER, DEAD INFECTION, old NAPALM DEATH, BLOOD, IMPETIGO or SLAUGHTER (Canada).

This here is the regular edition limited to 400 copies on Black vinyl and comes with lyric / info insert.