THE ACCÜSED - The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (Subcore Cover) LP (Solid Blue)

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LP | "The Return Of Martha Splatterhead (Subcore Cover)"


COLOUR: Solid Blue

THE ACCÜSED are a legendary raw Punk, Hardcore, Crossover from Seattle, USA, with their brutal and fast music from the Early Eighties they were one of the bands preparing ground for upcoming genres like Death Metal, Grindcore, Crust. After the split LP with the band REJECTORS (1983) and their "Martha Splatterhead" 12" (1985) "The Return Of Martha Splatterhead" (1986) has been the first full album of the band and their best one in their complete band history. Their fast, very brutal and hyper aggressive style has been very unique in the Mid Eighties and their fanbase was growing very fast.

The original pressing was done in the year 1986 on the US label Subcore Records.

Wonderful re-release with the original artwork of the first US pressing, the songs got a very professional remastering that only improved sound quality without killing the brutality and spirit of the old material. This here is a special limited edition of 200 copies on Solid Blue vinyl, this album comes with the (original) Blue Subcore cover and with fold-out insert.