THE EXECUTE - The Antagonistic Shadow LP

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LP | "The Antagonistic Shadow"



THE EXECUTE is an age old Hardcore, Punk band from Japan formed in the year 1981, in their early days they played thrashy Hardcore, Punk, most people might remember them from their split LP with the legendary german Hardcore band INFERNO released on Pushead´s label PUSMORT in the year 1985. "The Antagonistic Shadow" is less Hardcore, Punk than their earlier work, next to the japanese band GASTUNK they seem to have taken large influence from UK heavy weights SOUTHERN DEATH CULT and KILLING JOKE. This is a great record for those downer somber moments, it has a lot of really nice guitar work and awesome vocals. A gloomy, original release with a lot of some kind of darker, a little bit depressive and sadder atmosphere. 

The original pressing of this album was released in the year 1988 on the japanese label 13 GRAVE RELEASE, a label run by two (ex-) THE EXECUTE members. 

Unofficial re-issue on Black vinyl that comes with original artworkand printed insert.