UNKIND - Harhakuvat LP

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LP | "Harhakuvat"



UNKIND are a Hardcore, Punk, Crust band from Tampere, Finland which started as D-Beat orientated Punk band but after some years of existence they perfected their sound and added elements from different other genres. You still can hear their roots, influences have been drawn from TRAGEDY or FROM ASHES RISE way back then, but their newer stuff is even darker, some kind more depressive and very progressive or even weird experimental. It´s not only powerful Old School Hardcore, Punk anymore, they more and more tend to play Post Rock, Noise and Doom Metal, you can hear NEUROSIS, ISIS, PELICAN, ... and such stuff too.

"Harhakuvat" is already album number five from UNKIND and their debut on RELAPSE RECORDS.

Limited edition of 412 copies on Black vinyl.