VENOM - Sons Of Satan (Rare And Unreleased) 2 x LP (Clear / Black Splatter)

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2 x LP | "Sons Of Satan (Rare And Unreleased)"

2020 | BMG


VENOM are a Black Metal band from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear U.K. founded in the year 1979. With the release of their second album: "Black Metal" they gave birth and name to a genre: Black Metal, they also influenced the creation of other Extreme Metal styles such as Thrash, Speed and Death. Their early material is raw and unpolished Heavy Metal, early Black Metal, Thrash Metal, at this time noone knew that this british band would become that famous and influental.

Collection of rare and unreleased VENOM material:
# Side A: Church Hall rehearsals 1979 (five tracks like "Raise The Dead", "Venom", "Angel Dust", ...)
# Side B - D: Impulse Studios - £ 50 demo recordings 1980 (nine songs like "Sons Of Satan", "Schizo", "Red Light Fever", ...)
# Side D: "At War With Satan" - Impulse Studio - At War Demos 1983

Great double album on Clear / Black Splatter vinyl housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.