VERBAL ABUSE - Just An American Band LP (Translucent Red)

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LP | "Just An American Band"


COLOUR: Translucent Red

VERBAL ABUSE is one of the founding and defining bands of the US Hardcore scene, originally from Houston, Texas (later relocated to San Francisco, California) they were active from 1981 - 1995, in 2004 they reformed and are active till the present. The early material of the band is full speed, straight forward and raging US Eighties Hardcore in the vein of REAGAN YOUTH, DEAD KENNEDYS, early SUICIDAL TENDENCIES or D.R.I. , decent Metal influences can be heard, but the sound is far from the Crossover, Thrash Metal style they did in the late Eighties, Early Nineties.

In the year 1984 the US label FOWL RECORDS released the first pressing of this album. 

Official remastered re-issue limited to 1000 copies on Translucent Red vinyl, this album comes with printed innersleeve.