WOLFBRIGADE - The Enemy: Reality LP (Black)

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LP | "The Enemy: Reality""



Of all of the bands to come out of the brilliant swedish D-Beat, Crust scene, WOLFBRIGADE are perhaps one of the better bands within not only that scene, but the genre as a whole. In spite of two brief hiatuses in their near twenty-five year long career and a few lineup changes, the band have managed to maintain their status at the forefront of the genre, in no small part due to their fantastic recorded output, with seven albums and two EPs cementing their legacy as one of the best acts within the genre. Their latest album, The Enemy: Reality, is another great addition to their back catalogue, proving that WOLFBRIGADE are every bit as acerbic and vicious as ever.

Standard edition on Black vinyl housed in a nice full-coloured pocket cover and with printed inner-sleeve.