YACÖPSAE - Fuck Punk Rock ... This Is Turbo - Speed - Violence !!! LP

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LP | "Fuck Punk Rock ... This Is Turbo - Speed - Violence !!!"



Finally this classic album of the Fastcore, Power-Violence band YACÖPSAE from Hamburg, Northern Germany is re-released. In october 1997 YACÖPSAE went to 
the TANK RECORDS Studio in Wunstorf - Luthe, Germany to record twenty-one tracks (including the "Memories Of Tomorrow" cover, originally from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES) of extreme Thrashcore rage, the band delivers exactely what they are well-known for: ultrafast Power-Violence, Fastcore with amazing breakdowns and mid-paced bits. This output is a MUST HAVE for every fan of fast and extreme Punk music !

The first pressing of this album was done in the year 1998 as 10" on the german label T.V.G. RECORDS.

Standard edition on Black vinyl, the 12" is housed in a nice LP pocket cover and comes with extra info insert.