MIDNIGHT - No Mercy For Mayhem LP (Gold / Black Splatter)

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LP | "No Mercy For Mayhem"


COLOUR: Gold / Black Splatter

MIDNIGHT from Cleveland,Ohio, USA is a One-Man Black Metal, Thrash Metal act roaming around in the Metal Underground since 2003. Athenar, the main person behind MIDNIGHT, performs all instruments and the vocals in the studio, for live gigs only session musicians are added. The sound of MIDNIGHT is very unique, a mix of Old School Death Metal, Thrash Metal like VENOM, BATHORY, SLAYER, ... but brought into a new more modern shape. "No Mercy For Mayhem" is the second full length of the Metal Punk, Death Metal band MIDNIGHT and the ten songs of this album will please the fans of the band for shure.

HELLS HEADBANGERS from the USA did the original pressing in the year 2014.

Limited repress, this version here is on Gold / Black Splatter vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies, the LP is housed in a nice full-coloured pocket cover and comes with insert and download card.