SVAVELDIOXID - Krigets Brutalitet EP (Yellow)

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7" EP | "Krigets Brutalitet"

(Czech Republic)

COLOUR: Yellow

In the year 2015 some ex-members of DISFEAR, OPERATION, ANGER BURNING and WARVICTIMS were forming the D-Beat, Crust band SVAVELDIOXID. This Stockholm, Sweden based band plays raw D-Beat, Crustcore in the vein of ANTI-CIMEX, DISCHANGE, NO SECURITY or BOMBANFALL, total Old School Mängel for the Punx that still live in the good, old Eighties.

The first pressing of this EP from 2017, also released on PHOBIA RECORDS from the Czech Republic, got sold out as fast as fuck.

This here is the second pressing on Yellow vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and with changed cover artwork.