THE BRISTLES - Boys Will Be Boys EP (Two Colour Split: Gold / Transparent)

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7" EP | "Boys Will Be Boys"


COLOUR: Two Colour Split: Gold / Transparent

In later february 1984 the band THE BRISTLES from Sweden recorded the songs for their second 7" EP "Boys Will Be Boys", the band improved their musical skills and their songwriting in a massive way and left out the Oi! influences you could hear on their debut EP. "Boys Will Be Boys" offers four great, powerful and pissed off songs, expect Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Sweden, no D-Beat, no Käng, just pure Hardcore full of anger and teenage angst. Once again THE BRISTLES deliver a valid proof that swedish bands can do great music without being influenced by DISCHARGE only, this release here is for fans of E.A.T.E.R., RÖVSVETT, RAPED TEENAGERS, NONCENS, NYX NEGATIV, ... .

"Boys Will Be Boys" originally was released on ROCKIN´ REBEL RECORDS from Sweden in the year 1984, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.

Official re-issue, this super special edition is limited to 103 copies on Two Colour Split: Gold / Transparent vinyl, you will get the original fold-out cover and lyric insert but with updated band / label info, in addition an extra inlay cover is included too (Black print on Silver cardboard).