THE CROWN - Iron Crown EP (Silver)

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7" EP | "The Crown"


COLOUR: Silver

THE CROWN is a Thrash Metal, Death Metal band Trollhätan, Sweden originally formed under the name CROWN OF THORNS in the year 1990, some (ex-) members of the band also play(ed) in famous swedish acts like AT THE GATES, GOD MACABRE, MACABRE END, DISFEAR, GROTESQUE, SKIT SYSTEM, ... . They play very brutal, intense and evil Death Metal sound but with a lot more feeling and melody, a perfect mix of american and scandinavian sound.

This EP includes the two new brutal and fast songs "Iron Crown" and "Ride The Fire" that were recorded at the studio Fredman, Sweden in february 2017, this here is the first Single taken from the upcoming album "Cobra Speed Venom" (to be out in march 2018).

Limited edition of 200 hand numbered copies on Silver housed in a nice pocket cover.