ACTIVE MINDS - Religion Is Nonsense 10"

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10" | "Religion Is Nonsense"



Great Punk music with highly political lyrics this is what ACTIVE MINDS from the UK is delivering on all of their countless releases, since their early days (End Of the Eighties) till now they always had great and very often of essential Punk, Hardcore outputs.. The twelve songs on "Religion Is Nonsense" were recorded in the year 2018, nearly all of them are faster, very aggressive and crushing with lyrics about religion, social media, actual problems in our modern society, ... . Same as with all of the other ACTIVE MINDS releases this one here is a must have !

This nice 10" vinyl on Black vinyl (limited to 1000 copies) comes with 10" x 10" sized booklet (including info, lyrics and liner notes), the front cover actually is a printed backpatch (great idea).