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(Germany / Germany)

10" | "Split"

2015 | POWER IT UP


Hamburg strikes back ! This city located in the Northern part of Germany offers a quite big range of Punk, Punk Rock styles, on this split release you can listen to two very different bands presenting great live recordings:

RAZORS were one of the first german Punk bands, active since 1977, and here they play three fast and intense Punk Rock songs, perfect for nerds that like UK ´77 style Punk Rock.

YACÖPSAE are way younger but as great as their split partner, with short, fast and pissed off Fastcore outbreaks they are terrorizing the Power-Violence, Grindcore, Thrashcore since 1990. For this output they contribute two sludgy tracks of sheer fierceness and raw brutality.

Limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies on Black vinyl, the 10" comes with nice coloured sleeve and printed innersleeve.