CLUSTER BOMB UNIT - Heute Wie Morgen Wie Gestern EP

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7" EP | "Heute Wie Morgen Wie Gestern"

2013 | POWER IT UP


CLUSTER BOMB UNIT from Southern Germany is a D-Beat, Crust, Noise Punk, Raw Punk band that is active since 1989, tons of releases, split releases (mainly 7" EP´s) and doing several tours in Europe, Northern America, South East Asia and Japan made the band real famous in the international Punk, Crust scene. Musicwise they are influenced by traditional european bands like DISCHARGE, CONFLICT, DISORDER, CHAOS UK, ... as well as japanese Noise Punk bands in the vein of G.I.S.M., CONFUSE, OUTO, GAUZE, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, ... .

The five songs of this EP were recorded in 2012 and 2012 in the Kalte Feld Studio, Degefeld in Germany.

Limited edition of 400 copies on Black vinyl, this release comes with nice fold-out cover.