D.R.I. - But Wait ... There´s More ! EP (Translucent Gold)

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7" EP | "But Wait ... There´s More !"

(USA) / (US-Import)

COLOUR: Translucent Gold

D.R.I., aka DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECIBLES, from Houston, Texas violated Eighties Hardcore, Punk scene with aggressive sound played with unheard speed. Their early material fast so fucking fast, only beaten by NAPALM DEATH way, way later, and had a little metallic edge. Way back then some called their music Crossover, at that time it was a mix of Metal and Hardcore, or call it Thrashcore or Fastcore, who cares this stuff kicks ass. 

Now it´s the year 2016 and D.R.I. is unleashing their new EP "But Wait ... There´s More !" and still they know how to play faster and crushing Hardcore, Thrash Metal, the stuff on this seven inch reminds of the material from the "Crossover" LP, yes not as hyperfast as their real early material but still fucking great. 

This edition is limited to 1000 copies on Translucent Gold vinyl and comes with full-coloured fold-out cover.