DEEP / SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA - Deephypertonicnausea (The Korotkow Noise) Split EP (UV-Reflective)

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(Germany / Australia + Germany)

7" EP | "Deephypertonicnausea (The Korotkow Noise) Split"


COLOUR: UV-Reflective Clear / Black Marbled

This here is an unholy alliance of two Noise, Ambient, Noisecore bands located in Germany:

DEEP is an experimental Pop, Industrial, Noise duo located in Southern Germany which started their career in spring 1993. Bernd Spring (ex- ULCEROUS PHLEGM, the founder of DHYANA RECORDS) and Stefan Vetter (ex- INFERNO, ex- WARTOYS, ...) are playing melodic, slow and experimental Noise, Pop, Electronic, both members are playing bass supported by a drum computer, battery driven toy-instruments, radio samples and countless sound effects. The sound of the band is really unique, interesting and special, but really worth to be checked out, on this split release here they contribute three songs.

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA (a.k.a. 7MON) originally started their career in Australia in the year 1985, but in the year 1990 this Noisecore duo split up and one of the members, Mick Hollows, travelled to Germany and since then he continued the band as solo-project together with the help of changing guest musicians. Nowadays the band mainly consists of Mick Hollows and Matthias Weigand, the boss of ECOCENTRIC RECORDS, and is fully based in Germany. 7MON influenced a lot of Noisecore bands with their weird and fucked up sound in the vein of CRIPPLE BASTARDS, PATARENI, FEAR OF GOD, CRAWL NOISE, ... and on this split EP you can listen to a countless number of songs in the typical SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA style: short, distorted and chaotic.

Super limited edition of 77 copies on UV-Reflective Clear / Black Marbled vinyl (this here is the version on DHYANA RECORDS, there´s another version on ECOCENTRIC RECORDS, Germany on Transparent Marbled vinyl, also limited to 77 copies), this EP´s comes with fold-out cover printed on heavy cardboard).