DISTRUST - A Dream Of Peace EP

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7" EP | "A Dream Of Peace"

2009 | FANCLUB


DISTRUST a Hardcore, Punk from Sweden came together in the summer of 1983, the band consisted of members from the bands B.T.D., WHY WAR ? and some members also played in the legendary swedish Punk, Hardcore act ASOCIAL. The band only existed from 1983 till the end of 1984 / beginning of 1985 and released two demo tapes ("Vi Rustar Dom Dor" from 1984 and "A Dream Of Peace" from 1983), a split live tape with ASOCIAL (1984) and contributed some songs to different compilations. DISTRUST played raw and furious sound, not unlike ASOCIAL but with an even punker approach, if you´re into raw, no frills scandinavian Hardcore, Punk and enjoy bands like MOB 47, CRUDE SS, MISSBRUKARANA, SVART PARAD, HEADCLEANERS, ... you should not miss this band.

The seven songs of this EP are taken from the "A Dream Of Peace" demo tape that originally was released in the year 1983 on DIS CASSETTES from Sweden.

FANCLUB edition on Black vinyl housed in a one-sided fold-out cover.