KARTEL / ÓDIO SOCIAL - Sudaka Ataka Split EP

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USA / Brasil)

7" EP | "Sudaka Ataka Split"



Very great split EP with two great acts that play Latin Hardcore, Punk, each band contributes three songs:

KARTEL from New York, USA are a recent band formed by Immigrant Punks coming from Brasil, Colombia and Mexico. They play pounding Hardcore, Punk with militant force and fluid vocals, though as nails and rhythmically flowing. Female lead voals in spanish rip through with the meter and pitch of KOTHI TUHOA, AFTER THE BOMBS and SACRILEGE.

ÓDIO SOCIAL native from Sao Paulo, Brasil deliver their well-known, brutal Latin Hardcore, Crust with dual vocals, some people might know them from their older releases like the "Jovens Mortos ..." LP, the "Levante" LP or the great split LP with KILLBITE (not mentioning all their other super releases).

Black vinyl housed in a nice EP pocket cover with additional info / lyric sheet.