RIPCORD - Harvest Hardcore EP

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EP | "Harvest Hardcore"

2019 | YOFC


RIPCORD are a very well-known Hardcore, Punk band from Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK, active from 1984 to 1988. In the Late, Mid Eigthies their fast and relentless Hardcore sound has been unknown to most of the Hardcore, Punk listeners, together with other european Hardcore acts such as LÄRM, HERESY, CONCRETE SOX, NEGAZIONE, WRETCHED, HEIMAT-LOS, ... , they were one the creators of something what we nowadays know as fast Hardcore, Thrashcore, Fastcore, ... . After RIPCORD splitted up ex-members joined other more or less famous bands like VIOLENT ARREST, DUMBSTRUCK, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, CRACKED COP SKULLS, CAN´T DECIDE, SPITE, PROPHECY OF DOOM, ... .

"Harvest Hardcore" in it´s original version was released in the year 1988 on RAGING RECORDS from the UK.

Great re-edition to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of this masterpiece. This EP here comes on Black vinyl and is housed in a nice fold-out cover with the artwork of the US pressing, an extra cover sheet with the artwork of the UK artwork is included too.