SEDITION - First Demo (1989) 7" EP

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EP | "First Demo (1989)"



SEDITION is a furious and raging Hardcore, Punk band from the Highlands of Scotland firstly active from 1988 - 1993, but happily they are back again. Back then they released the "Dealing With Clichés ..." EP (1989), a split LP with PUNK TURDS IN SPACE (1990), a full LP called "Earthbeat" 1993 and split EP´s with DISAFFECT (1993) and ONE BY ONE (1994). Amongst other scottish acts like OI POLLOI, TOXIC EPHEX, ... , SEDITION are one of the most important political Mid, Late Eighties Punk, Hardcore bands from this area. 
This here is the first ever, long overdue vinyl version of the first SEDITION Demo tape, taken from the original 1989 studio reel and digitally remastered to mark the 30th anniversary of the band.  

This EP comes on Black vinyl and is housed in a nice fold-out cover.