CELTIC FROST - Nemesis Of Power LP

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LP | "Nemesis Of Power"


COLOUR: Black 

This demo was recorded in 1992 when CELTIC FROST were looking for a label. The songs are in a similar style to the material on "Vanity / Nemesis". A riff from "Pearl of Love" was recycled for the beginning of "Domain of Decay" on the album "Monotheist". The untitled track is "Under Apollyon's Sun" from "Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying" compilation. This is maybe an ear torture for fans of early CELTIC FROST music, because it´s far away from their heavy and down-tuned Prototype Black Metal, Thrash Metal sound from "Morid Tales", "Emperor´s Return" and "To Mega Therion" but maybe this or that open-minded Metalhead might want to own this album.

FANCLUB edition on Black vinyl, limited edition of 322 hand-numbered copies.