ANTI-CIMEX - Live 85/86 LP

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LP | "Live 85/86"



The Early, Mid Eighties were a great time for the followers of angry and pissed off Hardcore, Punk. Finland and Sweden gave birth to a lot of, nowadays legendary, Raw Punk bands, especially bands from Sweden were leading the so-called D-Beat scene, ANTI-CIMEX might be one of the most famous D-Beat, Punk, Hardcore band coming from there. From their early rough and fucked up beginnings to their later more metallic times, ANTI-CIMEX delivered one great song after the other and so it is a must to own at least one of their releases !!!

The songs on side A were recorded live at Birkgarden, Stockholm, Sweden 24 / 05 / 1985, side B was recorded during a show at the Adam & Eves, Leeds, UK 02 / 07 / 1986. All songs were mastered so you can expect good sound, but still raw and aggressive. It´s a live Punk album recorded in the Mid Eighties, so why should you expect clean and nice artsy-farsty sound.

Limited edition of 400 copies on Black vinyl, this release comes with insert.