CARCASS - Torn Arteries 2 x LP (Flesh Pink Marbled)

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LP | "Torn Arteries"


COLOUR: Flesh Pink Marbled

"Torn Arteries" is the seventh album of the legendary UK Grindcore, Death Metal band CARCASS, after their comeback album "Surgical Steel" (2013) and the "Despicable" 10" (2020) the band unleashes ten new songs upon mankind. Shortly after dropping the needle on this piece of vinyl the listener immediately realizes that he´s listening to CARCASS, what began on the releases "Heartwork" (1993) and "Swansong" (1995) was continued on "Surgical Steel (2013) and now on "Torn Arteries", CARCASS are the masters of melodic, well-played Death Metal and even it´s not as brutal as their early Grindcore stuff, "Torn Arteries" is a banger for shure. Don´t be fooled by the funny cover artwork, there´s CARCASS inside.

This edition here is limited to 750 copies on Flesh Pink Marbled vinyl, the album is housed in a full-coloured sleeve and comes with booklet in LP size.