D.R.I. - Thrash Zone LP

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LP | "Thrash Zone"



From august - september 1989 the US Crossover, Hardcore band D.R.I. recorded, mixed all material for their "Thrash Zone" album at Cornerstone Studios, Chatsworth, CA, Preferred Sound, Woodland Hills, CA and Track Record, North Hollywood, CA. With "Thrash Zone", album number four, D.R.I. changed their style a little bit more, although the tracks are still fast and aggressive they added more mid-tempo parts, a little bit more metallic guitarwork and play less fucked up, chaotic Hardcore, Punk. It´s is true that D.R.I. from the Late Eighties converted into a more metallic Hardcore, Crossover band, they are not they fucked Hardcore, Punks from the Early Eighties, but if you are not too close-minded you with love this release.

The US label METAL BLADE RECORDS did the original pressing in the year 1989.

Standard pressing on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, this album comes with full-coloured LP cover, insert and download card.