EA80 - Mehr Schreie LP

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LP | "Mehr Schreie"



EA80 from Mönchengladbach, Germany might be one of the most famous Punk Rock acts coming from this country. They started 1979 and still are active, even in the present they release music and regularily play live shows. It´s no wonder that the band has a big fanbase, old and new fans, because music and lyrics are very unique: EA80 plays powerful and fast Deutsch Punk tunes as well as slow, depressive and melancholic material, far away from the typical Punk music most of you might listen to. The mainly german lyrics are very interesting, from personal to political topics, sometimes you might think you´re listening to poetry not to lyrics of a Punk band. Let´s say it in short words to stop all this endless blabla: BUY OR DIE !!!

In the year 1987 the band itself did the first edition of the "Mehr Schreie" LP, album number three of the band.

Great re-issue on Black vinyl, comes with the original artwork, the lyrics are printed on the backside of the pocket sleeve.